shiva peri

hello there! I am a CS + Art graduate from Carnegie Mellon. My interests are in robotics, computer vision, deep learning, computer graphics, and parametric design. I have several years of programming experience with frontend and fullstack development and extensive experience with 3D modeling and rendering for robotics, graphics, and game development purposes. Overall, I like making cool stuff with code

Previously: BPD Department (energy research), Autodesk (robotics research), Metabologenomics Lab (web dev), Apple (AI/ML, siri, spatial audio), Human Computer Interaction Institute (accessibility research)

Links: Github LinkedIn YouTube Observable

๐Ÿš€ featured projects (more)

๐Ÿงช research


Taxonomy and Lean Energy Data Analysis of Commercial Retrofit Actions for Energy Savings in the Pittsburgh 2030 District. - Pending Review


Rapid Strategies for US Building Decarbonization and Equity. - Pending Review


Modular Kirigami Snakebot, final project for Foldable Robotics


From Tactile to NavTile: Opportunities and Challenges with Multi-Modal Feedback for Guiding Surfaces during Non-Visual Navigation. - Acknowledged


3D Printing Shape Changing Interfaces, funded by SURF 2020 Grant