shiva peri

hello there! I studied CS + Art @ Carnegie Mellon. My research interests are in robotics, computer vision, deep learning, computer graphics, and parametric design. I have several years of programming experience with frontend and fullstack development and extensive experience with 3D modeling and rendering for robotics, graphics, and game development purposes. Overall, I like making cool stuff with code.

main projects

kaleidoscope solver
2023 - kaleidoscope solver

solver for a puzzle i used to play as a kid

3D turtles
2022 - 3D turtles

math visualizations for paper by Lev Stambler

mesh interpolation
2022 - mesh interpolation

final project for Jun-Yan Zhu's Learning-Based Image Synthesis

shapely + vsketch demos
2021 - shapely + vsketch demos

examples of using shapely with vsketch for generating plottable svgs

animation reel
2022 - animation reel

collection of animation work from Advanced Animation Studio

plotted chairs
2021 - plotted chairs

final project for Golan Levin's Drawing with Machines

moire blobs
2021 - moire blobs

midsemester project for Golan Levin's Drawing with Machines

kirigami snakebot
2021 - kirigami snakebot

foldable robotics term project

2021 - psilonaut

final project for Paolo Pedercini's Experimental Game Studio

grasshopper mesh tiler
2020 - grasshopper mesh tiler

final project for Dave Touretsky's Intermediate Rapid Prototyping

ar floaties
2020 - ar floaties

final project for Golan Levin's Interactivity and Computation

3d spirography
2020 - 3d spirography

3d version of 112 term project using WebGL

fourier drawing machine
2019 - fourier drawing machine

15112 term project. voted best project of f19 semester

hackathon projects

malloc protocol
2021 - malloc protocol

solana's ignition hackation submission

2021 - paint4d

tartanhacks project

dinex daddy
2020 - dinex daddy

tartanhacks project

2019 - spotimood

hack112 project


3D printing
present - 3D printing

documentation of my 3d printing projects on thingiverse

2022 - morianum

collaboration with M. Tayao, Rebecca Cunningham, Eliana Fleischer

tron racer
2020 - tron racer

multiplayer tron-esque mobile game

tile world builder
2020 - tile world builder

projects for Google ATAP's Soli Sandbox
experimented with the Pixel 4's Soli gesture sensor

p5 sketches

clock creature
2020 - clock creature
colliding rectangles
2020 - colliding rectangles
living wallpaper
2020 - living wallpaper
generative map
2020 - generative map
p5 exercises
2020 - p5 exercises
interaction exercises
2020 - interaction exercises